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sunset at Bovbjerg

Welcome at Jens Søndergaards Museum

Delightfully situated at the edge of a steep cliff in the townchip of Ferring, the museum commands a panorama of contrasting views, taking the breathtaking sweep of the see, the imposing lighthouse Bovbjerg Fyr and the little quiet township of Ferring.
The museum houses a collection of works by Jens Søndergaard (1895-1957). His aim was, through the coulors to express what he felt. He was enchanted by the North Sea coastline and fascinated by the power of the nature at Bovbjerg, where the house is situated. Thus to visit his house and see the paintings is simultaneously to be in the presence of a strong and powerfull natural environment in Denmark, not least the North Sea.
Jens Søndergaard became one of our greatest expressionist artists and won both national and international acclaim. In 1956 he acchieved as the first danish artist, the american Guggenheim-preis.

Opening hours:

Palm Sunday to 31.05: Tue-Sun 11am-5pm.

1.06 to 31.08: Daily 11am-5pm.

1. of sept. - (week 42): Tue-Sun 11am-5pm.
Week 42 Daily 11am-5pm.

Week 43 – palmsunday (excl.): Sat and Sun 1-4pm
Christmas: 27th and 28th Dec 1-4pm
24. - 26. Dec og 29. Dec. - 1. Jan (incl.): closed
Winterholiday (week 7): daily 1- 4pm

Contact us:

Jens Søndergaards Museum
Transvej 4, Ferring
7620 Lemvig
Phone: + 45 97 89 52 54

Headoffice: Lemvig Museum,
Phone: +45 97 82 00 25
Fax: +45 97 81 15 11